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1. What is new in laminates for homes?

Nowadays we are building homes with utmost care & we don’t compromise in spending a lot on their interiors. Be it the sofa set or the curtains used or the laminates put in furniture/wall panels, we want it to be the best. This has created a requirement for premium laminates within the market. Thus, SHATABDI PLY introduced its premium range of laminates in January 2018 and now we are known as the best laminates company in India.

2. Where we can use laminates for home decor?

We can use it on the surface of all the furniture, wall paneling, modular kitchens. The application is each on vertical or surface ace. Few designs are but not recommended for horizontal surface-tops mentioned in our product catalogs. To add, laminates are wide utilized in offices, lounges, hotels, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops as well.

3. What are the trending laminates?

The latest trend in laminates is to use a contrasting style in the interiors. E.g. If the wall paneling is being done with a lighter shade of wood grain, then the furniture (bed) is being done with a dark shade of wood grain laminates. Another e.g. Two contrasting plain colors may be used for a door or kitchen to make it look unique we have some interesting and decorative laminates designs for you.

4. Any off-beat or interesting ideas to use laminates in home decor?

There are magnetic laminates which are very useful in kitchen these days. That eases a homemaker to stick a paper to it with the shopping or the to-do list.

5. Anything else on the topic

In India, we normally choose laminates based on designs, colors & textures. But there is a trend in the market, where the consumers or the architects are getting more educated about quality, maintenance & installation. This is resulting in an increase in market share for branded companies

range of products

Embellishing Laminates

Blackboard Laminates

Marker Board Laminates

Center Laminates

Scratch Resistant Laminates

Fire Retardant Laminates

UV Resistant Exterior Cladding Panels

Inside Grade Compact Panels

Mark, our 1.0 mm leader brand, directions a considerable portion of the household showcase. Aside from this, we send out around 40% of our creation to nations over the globe.

Development is a lifestyle at Signature. So as to keep pace with the evolving patterns, we continue including the most recent and most select plans to our range.

The Signature range offers a stunning gathering of plain hues, selective wood impacts, an assortment of likes and modified works and metallic. These are accessible in Glossy, Matt and Suede wraps up. We have as of late included a selective scope of Premium Texture Finishes. No big surprise that our items have discovered their approach to practically all comprehensible applications in Interiors and have turned into a definitive decision of driving Interior Designers in the nation.

The organization offers a wide scope of thicknesses viz. 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm and higher thickness. We likewise offer Marker Board Laminates, Chalk Board l Laminates. The size of the Laminate is 2.44 x 1.22 M.

At Signature, we are known for our adherence to plans. You will get what you need and correctly when you need it!

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