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About Decorative Laminates

To manufacture decorative laminates, the brown Kraft paper is soaked in
phenolic resin (phenyl formaldehyde), while the decorative paper and the
protective translucent sheet are soaked in melamine resin. After these papers
become suitably hard, heat and pressure are applied to press and bond them.
The result is a laminated sheet with stylish surface and many amazing
capabilities for different types of installations.
It is worth mentioning that these sheets are designed in two categories that
include high pressure laminates (HPL) and low pressure laminates (LPL).
Though HPL is relatively expensive, it is extremely durable and has longer life
as compared to LPL. Moreover, HPL is apt for both vertical and horizontal
installations, whereas LPL is recommended only for vertical installations in the
low traffic areas. Also, LPL is available in limited varieties.

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