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Shatabdi Ply is a registered plywood brand owned by Bawa Float Glass Ltd. Bawa Float Glass Ltd since 1970 has been serving its services as the best plywood manufacturing company in Glass and Plywood sector to their clients and customers in Kanpur. We are the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of all kinds of Glass and proud owner of more than 50 years old trusted brand “SHATABDI”.

Best Plywood Company In India

Our Products

We provide Plywood, Laminates, Doors and Artificial Grass maintaining the best in quality as well as price. As we are the Best plywood manufacturing company in Kanpur, we are also a reliable supplier of high quality block board that are widely used in the construction sector, furniture industry etc.

Best Plywood and Doors Company in Kanpur

1. Plywood – Shatabdi Plywood is the best plywood manufacturing company in Kanpur that provide strong & commercial grade plywood & 100% boiling water resistant plywood for all your construction & interior needs. Our plywood is affordable and durable and offers unmatched strength to complement modern, urban living.

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2. Laminates – Shatabdi Plywood is the Best laminates manufacturing company in Kanpur that provides wide range of designer laminates for your home & office. All Laminates are available at our showroom. Shatabdi Laminates has been the front-runner in applying innovation at work. It has led us to design and deliver modern lifestyle statements that have become synonymous with modern living.

Best Plywood and Doors Company in Kanpur

3. Doors – Shatabdi Plywood is also the Best Doors manufacturing company in Kanpur which offers a wide range of doors in various categories such as Designer Doors, Solid Wooden Flush Doors and Readymade Polished Doors etc. Doors are an integral aspect of the modern interior.

Best Plywood Company In India

4. Artificial Grass – Shatabdi Ply is also the best artificial grass manufacturing company in Kanpur that provides wide range of designer artificial grass/turf to choose from for your home & office. This grass provides a lush green look to your surroundings around the year requiring minimal maintenance.

Benefits of using Shatabdi Plywood (Best Plywood Manufacturing Company in Kanpur)  

1. We always try to upgrade the quality of our products without any hike in prices.
2. Our main aim is to keep our customers as well as our clients happy and satisfied with our products.
3. We also always try to work keeping the reviews of our customers in mind.
4. Our superior quality products are used by most of the branded hotels and restaurants.
5. We manufacture our products by using fine quality raw materials for long lasting usage.

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