We provide strong & commercial grade plywood & 100% boiling water resistant plywood for all your construction & interior needs.When it comes to plywood, Shatabdi Ply is by-far, the undisputed leader with a plethora of award-winning as well as innovative products designed for, the global Indian. The signature plywood products are used extensively in commercial and domestic settings. Shatabdi plywood is affordable yet durable and offers unmatched strength and oodles of style to complement modern, urban living. We are working hard to become Best Plywood Company In India

Best Plywood and Doors Company in Kanpur

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BWR grade plywood means Boiling Water Resistant plywood. It is a waterproof plywood, and is widely used for making home and office furniture.

Best Plywood and Doors Company in Kanpur


BWP grade plywood is widely used to make furniture where water contact is expected. For home interiors BWP is the most preferred plywood.

Best Plywood and Doors Company in Etawah


MR grade plywood means Moisture Resistant plywood. In India, it is also known as Commercial grade plywood.

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