LAMINATE SHEETS DESIGNS are of many types and we here at SHATABDI PLY provide you with all the types of designer laminates. So we have many different types of Laminate sheet designs that we have discussed below in this blog . 

Designer laminates are the special products that combines the style of decorative papers with the strength of glues and create a very strong and damage resistant product. But unlike industrial laminate sheets, these are installed at home, offices and commercial establishments to bring in elegance and style. So designer variety of laminates are also very trending worldwide.

You may choose laminates with rich finish and smooth texture. Also for the old properties undergoing renovation it is a cost-effective solutions for adding value . Before you decide to choose these amazing solutions, it is important to know more about it.

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What are the Benefits of laminate sheets designs ?

When it comes to benefits of Laminate sheets designs, Some of them includes:

  • Accuracy in dimensions :It is possible to obtain these sheets in exact size as the space demands. It leads to accurate installation and protect it from damage.
  • Eye Catching Style : Laminates sheets are available in many styles in all possible colors, textures and finishes.
  • Long Lasting Life : There are many qualities of designer laminate sheets designs which makes them long lasting. One of it is its ability to resist wear and tear. They also resist moisture and scratches and are very durable. 
  • Great Value : These sheets are easy to clean and are low maintenance as they are durable and long lasting which save costs so it adds significant value.
  • Many Applications : Counters, tables, cabinets, kitchen areas, floors, wall linings, plywood doors and many other applications uses designer laminates .
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