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Shatabdi Ply is providing best quality plywood doors & plywood laminates in Kanpur. Our plywoods are specially manufactured to fulfill all your furniture needs. We used advance technology in making strong plywood.



Give an iconic look to your home interior with Shatabdi Ply, the best plywood company in Kanpur. We are known as the best plywood dealer in Kanpur for multiple purposes such as, plywood for home interior, plywood doors, laminates, waterproof plywood, etc. 

We have been manufacturing multiple types of plywood in Kanpur for more than 25 years. Shatabdi ply delivers extensive range of quality, affordable, and durable plywood along with its long-lasting strength. We promise to deliver satisfactory and 100% trusted products in the plywood market that make our customers happy. 

Plywood for home

Shatabdi Ply stands as the Best Plywood Dealer in Kanpur

Shatabdi Ply is offering number of quality plywood products as plywood doors, plywood for interior, laminates, waterproof plywood, high-density PVC/WPC, PVC boards, etc. We are know for our unique quality products and highly quality manufacturing process. We are the biggest plywood dealer in Kanpur as we supply our plywood product to multiple categories as whole sellers, retailers, etc. 

Ask shatabdi Ply

Qus.1- Why Shatabdi Ply is the best plywood dealer in Kanpur?

Ans Shatabdi Ply is good at manufacturing high-quality plywood by using the best quality raw material. We check all the products carefully at every stage of manufacturing. 

Qus.2- Where is Shatabdi Ply located in Kanpur? 

Ans.    As Shatabdi Ply is the biggest plywood manufacturer in Kanpur. We have a large manufacturing space and corporated head office in Kanpur. We’re located at Shatabdi 84/54 G.T Road, Jareeb Chouki, Kanpur.

Qus.3- What type of plywood do we manufacture?

Ans.  Shatabdi Ply works at a large level of plywood manufacturing. We manufacture multiple plywood products as Plywood for home interiors, Plywood Doors, Designer Laminates, and Artificial Grass, etc.

Qus.4- Why should I buy Shatabdi Ply?

Ans.  We’re the best plywood manufacturer in Kanpur. We provide world-class plywood products as we’ve been working for more than 25 years and is known as a trusted brand ‘Shatabdi-ISI’. We build natural and strong plywood material for multiple purposes.

Product Queries

Qus.1- How to check originality of plywood?

Ans.    Being as a registered brand of plywood, Shatabdi Ply has we’ve holomark stickers on our products. So that you can easily verify our originality.


Qus.2- What are WPVC Foam Boards? 

Ans.    These are new form of PVC board with wood fibers added. It is a substitute of wood, plywood, MDF and particle board in several direct applications.


 Qus.7- Which laminates sizes do you provide?

Ans.  All Laminates are available for display at our Showroom. We provide laminates in various sizes as given below:

Available Size-

Thickness:           0.8mm                         1.0mm

Width & Height:   8ft * 4ft                        7ft * 3ft


Qus.8- What are the major advantages of Laminates?

Ans.     Here are some blessings of laminates:

  • Easy to wash.

  • Easier to put in than several ancient surfaces.

  • Available in various styles, patterns, colours and textures and therefore it’s pleasing.

  • No sharpening painting is needed.

  • Can be put in over virtually any existing floor.





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