Plywood price in Kanpur. In this article we have listed the plywood price in the Indian retail market and we will also know about the best shatabdi plywood price in kanpur.


A Non-branded plywood price in kanpur will range somewhere form Rs.40 to Rs. 65 per sq. ft. A Branded plywood price in kanpur will vary from Rs. 75 to Rs. 80 per sq. ft. With increase in manufacturing units, there are lots of brands of plywood easily available in market with the cheaper prices than domestic brands.

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Listed below are various factors that determine the plywood price of sheets.

1. Size: The bigger the plywood sheet is, the more its price will be. Though the most common size is 8’x4′, plywood sheets are available in other sizes such as 7’x4′ as well.

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2. Thickness: The thicker the plywood is, the higher its price will be. e.g. 18 mm plywood is more costlier than 12 mm plywood.

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3. Quality of wood used :Plywood is made by joining together several layers of wood veneers (wood slices) obtained from trees. There are two kinds of wood obtained from trees. Wood obtained from the trees of ‘teak’ or ‘gurjan’ are a source of hardwood, whereas the ‘mango wood’ is a source of softwood. Hardwood plywood is costlier as compared to the softwood plywood because its quality is superior.

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4. Local or branded : Branded plywoods are manufactured and marketed by renowned plywood companies which costs more in comparison to plywood products made locally.

Plywood Price In Kanpur

7. The place from where you buy: These days plywood sheets can be purchased not only from the local retail shops, but from several online stores as well. There are pros and cons of each type. Consider what the local shop like SHATABDI PLYWOODS can provide you with; buying asistance, price negotiation, quicker delivery, and a person you can immediately talk to in case of any post-purchase problems.

Best Plywood and Doors Company in Kanpur
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