PVC Board

WPC panels and boards are a lifetime investment product.

WPVC Foam Boards :

  • This is the new form of PVC board with wood fibers added.
  • It is a substitute of wood, plywood, MDF and particle board in
    several direct applications.
  • WPC board is a new generation product for young architects.
  • They are absolute green product by means of recyclability, zero emission, clean and
    hygienic product. Available in different density range – application vide.
Compare PVC/WPC


• Easy to install
• Durable & flexible
• Cost – effective
• Zero – emission
• Clean & green
• Easy to clean
• No need to paint but paintable
• Interior & exterior use
• Symmetrical accuracy
• Screws better and easily
• No special tools needed
• Accepts adhesives
• Bonds easily with substrates
(MDF, Plyboard, Veneer etc.)
• Cuts Precisely
• Polished surface
• Paintable & Printable

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