WPVC Foam Boards :

This is the new form of PVC board with wood fibers added. It is a substitute of wood, plywood, MDF and particle board in
several direct applications.
WPC board is a new generation product for young architects. They are absolute green product by means of recyclability, zero emission, clean and hygienic products. Available in different density range-application vide. WPC panels and boards are  a lifetime investment product.


• Carcases
• Elevation
• False ceiling
• Security Post
• Display Boards
• Modular Kitchens
• Doors & Windows
• Exhibition Stands
• Bathroom vanities
• Shuttering for Lenter
• Open to sky furniture
• Way and Sign Boards
• Hotel & Hospital Utility
• Shelter, Grills & Railings
• Pergolas and Fencing
• Home & Office Furniture
• Digital & Decorative Panels
• Benches for school and Garden
• Cabinets, Bookshelves, Wardrobest

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